The Bonaparte’s

The Bonaparte’s trio was born after the split of two bands, Kan Ji Zai founded by Pat Griffiths  from 23 Skidoo, Ruben Azca, and Baroque Bordello.
According to Giri, the boss of the Gibus, the punk public usually agitated stayed sitting very attentive at the Kan Ji Zai gig on the 4
th of October 1983.
In 1984 after their 1
st record the EP « Today », the drummer « Prad » and the bass player « Pix » from Baroque Bordello founded together along with Ruben Azca from Kan Ji Zai the band The Bonaparte’s, initially to be ephemeral for a gig that should have been unique at the Opéra Night programmed by La Sébale with three tracks : Battle of Iena, Waterloo’s Front, and Shiny Light played in one single sequence.
The trio was extended with a guest saxo player Lazslo. The audience didn’t expect such a band and was very surprised, and encouraged the band to go on.
And that’s what they did, two of the members of BB were asked to leave the band and Pat Griffiths joined them.
The Bonaparte’s were born !

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